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Flights From Bhopal to Kolkata

Bhopal is a city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is notoriously known for the tragic gas leaking disaster that took place in this place. Take a trip from here to Kolkata to avail great discounts and deals on flight fares from Bhopal to Kolkata. Our online ticket booking engine has some of the cheapest air tickets to Kolkata ready to be availed by you.

There are flights operating from Bhopal to Kolkata on daily basis. It takes about 6 Hours and 40 Minutes to reach Kolkata. Flights from Bhopal to Kolkata with stopover are Jet Airways Konnect 9W-2502, Jet Airways Konnect 9W-2228, Air India IC-133, Jet Airways Konnect 9W-2502 and Jet Airways Konnect 9W-2211.  Shortest flight to Kolkata is the Jet Airways Konnect - 9W-2502. The shortest flight with stopover to Kolkata is Jet Airways Konnect - 9W-2502 which departs from Bairagarh Airport at 9:00 hours and reaches NSCBI Airport in Kolkata at 15:40 hrs.