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Flights From Calcutta to Goa

Popular airline operators like Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways offer cheap air tickets to Goa. Calcutta, now Kolkata, is a city with a soul of its own. The joy city of India is full of joyous people who love to preserve their art and literature. Education, industry, science, culture and politics go together in the city of Calcutta. There are many airlines, which serves the Goa airports with their regular flights on regular basis at different time intervals. You need to first take a flight to New Delhi and then take a connecting flight to Goa. Flights that can be chosen for traveling from Calcutta to New Delhi are Kingfisher Class - IT-602, Air India - AI-111, Jet Airways Konnect - 9W-2278, Kingfisher Class - IT-604, Jet Airways - 9W-913,Air India - IC-263, IndiGo - 6E-204, Air India - AI-101,JetLite - S2-364, Jet Airways Konnect - 9W-2451, Air India - IC-201 and IndiGo - 6E-206. Afterwards, connecting flights are available to reach Goa. Find cheap air tickets from Calcutta to Goa.