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Flights From Calicut to Goa

Cheapest air tickets from Calicut to Goa are available for a short time only. There are many domestic flights that connect Goa to other important cities and towns located in India. Direct flights from Calicut to Goa are offered by Kingfisher. Kingfisher Red IT-2882 is the flight available for reaching Goa from Calicut. Goa, the beach-party hub is one of the most visited places in India. Goa attracts people from all over the world to its abode. If you want to travel from Calicut to Goa, then you can avail some cheap air tickets to Goa. Find all info on the available cheap air tickets from Calicut to Goa. Calicut, the commercial city of India has every reason to be visited by business travelers. Board the flight and land in the hip hop Goa.