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Flights From Rajkot to Kolkata

Rajkot is an imperative town located in the state of Gujarat, India. This is the very place where Mahatma Gandhi spent the early years of his life. Today, the town stands among the fastest growing cities of India. It is reaching heights in economical aspects. When in Rajkot, you will notice that the people in Rajkot are principally vegetarians and are strongly against any form of hunting. This is the main reason behind the rich fauna found in this city.

The women in Rajkot dot over jewelry and wear a lot of large chains, pendants and other heavy gold jewelry during marriages and festivals. Men of Rajkot love to flaunt thick gold chains and many rings on their fingers. Travel from Rajkot to Kolkata with cheap air tickets from Rajkot to Kolkata. Our online ticket booking engine is well equipped to compile some of the lowest priced air tickets on flights to Kolkata. To reach Kolkata from Rajkot, you can board the only flight Jet Airways 9W-3410 available for that. The flight is offered by Jet Airways.