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Flights From Calcutta to Amritsar

If you are looking for a cheap flight from Calcutta to Amritsar, then you can choose from any of the flights furnished by our booking engine. These flights are provided by Low cost carrier like Jet Airways Konnect and Air India-IC, and Full Service airlines like Air India, Kingfisher and Jet Airways. All these airlines feature 9 flights or more on daily basis and you can choose any of the given flight after comparing all the available flights. In the given booking engine, you can view the flights according to fares, time take, arrival time and departure time. Hence, you can easily compare the given flights and select the most suitable one.

All the flights on this route fly via New Delhi, but you can still choose on the basis of duration of each flight and airfares. After selecting your choice of flight you can purchase your air tickets with us at low rates. We also provide various flight discounts that let you get cheap air tickets for your travel.