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Flights From Diu to Amritsar

To fly from Diu to Amritsar with less cost, extract the flight information in our booking engine given here and bag the cheapest flight. Diu is a romantic city in the island of Daman and Diu. As one of the seven Union Territories in India, it is governed directly by the central government. The city is striking with its clean atmosphere and greenery. The city has historical importance for being the location of the pivotal Battle of Diu in 1509. The Diu airport connects the city to the mainland. So what if there are no straight flights from Diu to Amritsar? The air route from Diu to Amritsar is via Bangalore or Kolkata or Chennai will more than serve your purpose. The best option is to fly to Bangalore first and then get any connecting flight to Amritsar, operated by airlines such as Jet Airways Konnect, Kingfisher Red, Air India and Kingfisher Class. Thank you!