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United Kingdom Visa Information

Embassy / Commission

High Commission of Britain
Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi - 110 021
Phones : 011-2687 2161 / 2410 0017 (Help-Line)
Fax : 2687 0060
eMAIL pop:
Working Hours : Monday to Friday: 0800 to 1700 hrs

Country Information
Location Northwest Europe
Time IST (-) 5 1/2 hrs
Capital London
Languages English, Welsh, Gaelic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Greek, Cantonese and Mandarin
Area 241,752 sq kms
Currency British Pound, 1=INR 70.20
National Day 11 June (Queen Official Birthday) .
Airlines British Airways (BA)
Airports Heathrow (London), Gatwick (London), London City Airport, Stansted (London), Birmingham, Manchester, Luton, New Castle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Cardiff Wales, Belfast and The Blaye (Alserney)

Visa Information
UK visa is issued in two categories:
a) Short Term Visa is :
This is issued for
* Visitors, which include Private, Official and Business visits (upto 6 months).
* Students (up to six months)
* Others )

b) Long Term Visa
This visa is issued for following categories, for six months and above:
* Settlement as: spouses, fiance and other relatives
* Permit free employment, work permit holder or to establish a business.
* Certificate of entitlement or UK ancestry
* Returning resident
* Student (duration from six months and above, up to three years)

The applicant should have a passport valid for duration of stay in United Kingdom; one visa form (photocopy allowed, to be completed in black ink and block letters); two recent passport-size photographs (not older than six months); a letter from host or sponsor in UK stating that they will support and accommodate the applicant during the visit and give confirmation as support documents. Traveller must be able to give financial standing and funds in form of evidence of employment and savings (in India); and, where necessary, the Income Tax return; a letter from the employer granting leave of absence and stating how long applicant has been working with them and in what capacity and if self-employed, evidence of business activity and financial standing; evidence of any firm travel plans; a ticket or a letter from the Travel Agent confirming his ticket cost deposit etc. Visa validity varies from six months to five years. Period of stay is for six months maximum and starts from the date of entry into UK Extension in principle is not possible.
Standard Visa INR 2,900
Multiple Entry (one year) INR 4,800
Multiple Entry (two years) INR 5,600
Multiple Entry (five years) INR 7,000
Settlement and Marriage INR 20,800
All other long term entry INR 5,650
Certificate of entitlement INR 8,800
10 Years INR 12,000

Note: Fees are payable on application, for each applicant, including children, and are non-refundable. Visa fees should be paid by bank draft (available at the Visa Application Centres). They should be made in favour of: BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION (if applying in Northern India), BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION - MUMBAI (if applying in Western India), BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION - CHENNAI (if applying in Southern India), BRITISH DEPUTY HIGH COMMISSION - KOLKATA (if applying in Eastern India). An additional handling charge of Rs 300 per application will be levied by VFS. An official receipt must be obtained for all payments made.

Visa is required, for a visitor in transit, who must be able to produce evidence of:
(a) a visa for the country of onward destination (if necessary)
(b) is in transit to a country outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Irish Republic
(c) Has both the means and intention of proceeding at once to another country.
(d) is assured of entry there.
(e) intend and are able to leave the United Kingdom within 48 hours.
(f) satisfy the Immigration Rules as a visitor.
A short term multiple visitor in transit visa may be issued, if passenger wishes to transit the UK several times within a six month period, provided that both passport and visa for the country of destination remain valid beyond the expiry of the visitor in transit visa. Multiple entry clearance will only be valid for entry into the UK, if these conditions will be met on each journey through the UK. Visa fee is as above.
Passengers may be able to transit the UK, at the discretion of the Immigration Officer without holding a Visitor in Transit visa if they arrive in a cruise ship and depart on the same ship within 24 hours, or arrive in, and depart from the United Kingdom by air, with no intention of remaining in the UK (passenger may travel by rail or road between two airports. The passengers must have a confirmed booking on a flight departing within 24 hours to country of destinations; have the necessary documents (visa/passport) for entry at that destination and have the necessary documentation including, transit visa for any other country enroute.

Visa is required. Indian seamen travelling on duty must hold Letter of Guarantee from the shipping company with seamen book and passport. A letter from the shipping agent in UK, to the High Commission, giving particulars of the seamen, date and port of joining the ship is required. Documentation is same as for visitor visa.
Visa fee is INR 2,900

Are issued by the Department for Education and Employment. A work permit relates to a specific individual and a particular job. Regular work permits are only issued for jobs involving a high level of skill and experience for which no resident labour is available in the United Kingdom. Permits may, however, be issued to enable overseas nationals to come to the United Kingdom for training or work experience.
You cannot apply for a work permit. This has to be done on your behalf by an employer in the United Kingdom who wants to employ you. The employer should obtain an application form from, and should apply to;
Overseas Labour Service
Department for Education and Employment,
Level 5, Moorfoot,
Sheffield SI 4PQ
Tel: +44-114 259 4074
The employer should apply for a permit at least eight weeks before he wants you to start work.
The applicant should not travel to the United Kingdom to start work before he has received the permit. If he arrive in the United Kingdom without a work permit to take up a job which requires a work permit, he will be refused admission. Employment for which a Work Permit is not required:
* A working holiday maker or au pair
* A Minister of religion , a missionary or a member of a religious order.
* The representative of an overseas firm which has no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the United Kingdom.
* A representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization, on long term assignment to the United Kingdom.
* A domestic worker of a member of the staff of a diplomatic or consular mission or
* A domestic worker in a private household or
* A teacher or language assistant coming to a school in the UK under an exchange scheme or
* A member of the operational ground staff (but not other staff) of an overseas-owned airline or
* Postgraduate doctor/dentist coming for training or
* Seasonal Worker at an agricultural camp.Basic application procedures are same as above. For further details on fee etc, please check with British High Commission.

The applicant should have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of application for the visa; one visa form (photocopy allowed); two recent passport size photographs; relevant educational certificates and diplomas; a letter of acceptance from the Educational Institution in UK, confirming acceptance for the course of study, and statement of charges and evidence of part of course fees paid. The student has to produce evidence of funds, to pay for the stay and course of studies in UK, or a letter from the host/ sponsor, in UK, to say that he/ she will support, and accommodate, the applicant during the course of studies, together with its evidence. The applicant must satisfy the visa officer that he/ she is able and intends to follow a full time course of study; and intends to leave the UK upon completion of the course. The student applying for the long term visa (above six months) must undergo a medical examination and chest x-ray before receiving their authority to entry UK. The medical clearance takes about 10 days. Travel plans, therefore, should be made accordingl.For further information, please call the British Council Division at the following address:
British Council Division,
Educational Counciling Service, 17, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi - 110001,
Tel: 2371 1401 Extn. 115
Timings: Wed and Fri
Session: 1530 to 1800 hrs

1. Visa is required. Nationals of UK may apply for the visa at the Indian Missions at London or Birmingham.
2. For further details, please see India page.

VISA FEES: Please comfirm with the Embassy.

Help Details
British Tourist Authority and English Tourist Board
Thames Tower, Black's Road,
Hammersmith, London W6 9EL
T: +44-181-846 9000
F: +44-181-563 0302

Chamber of Commerce
Manning House, 22 Carlyle Place
London SW1P 1JA
T: +44-171-565 2000
F: +44-171-565 2049

CURRENCY: British Pound Sterling (?) 1 = INR 69.56. Notes are in denominations of Pound 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of Pound 2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 pence.

The UK has a generally mild, temperate, and highly changeable climate. Rain is fairly well distributed throughout the year. The west is generally wetter than the east, and the south warmer than the north. The most extreme weather condition occur in the mountain of Scotland, Wales and northern England.

The principal national airline is British Airways (BA).

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